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What does Bibliotheksbenutzernummer mean? or What's my username/number?

Have a look at your student identity card. There's a barcode on it. The number under the barcode is your user number. In German we call it Bibliotheksbenutzernummer or Benutzernummer.

The number starts with 055.........

The number has to be activated before you can use it. Therefore register yourself as a library patron.

You've entered number and password but can not access your library online account or can not place a reservation? Library membership expires automatically and has to be renewed after 12 monthes, please come to our desk.



What's my library password?

After registration, your initial password is your date of birth. Someone born on March 5th, 1986 has the password 05031986.

For safety reasons you should change your password. Go to the user account, log in and change your password there. Someone who forgot his password can contact the library. Our staff members can reset it.

Access your library account (Magdeburg)

Access your library account (Stendal)

I found an ebook in the OPAC, but can not read it or I shall pay for it!

Using electronic ressources on campus is easy. But at home you have to connect your personal computer to our university network. Use a Cisco-VPN-Client or WebVPN (starting from our library homepage). Or use shibboleth if the publisher supports it.

For all these ways of authentification you need your user name and password that you received after enrollment (as shown in the figure).

Please keep in mind: some chapters, articles or books listed on a publishers website may not be available online for you due to licensing issues, but we might have it in stock in its printed version. Check our online catalogue!




I'm not studying or working at Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences, but can I use its library?

Yes, you can. Please bring your ID card, passport or registration certificate with you for registration. Afterwards you can borrow books, DVDs et cetera. You can also use most electronic texts on campus.

In Magdeburg, you can use our coin operated copier (2nd floor). You might also copy on USB stick. Please be reminded that you are personally responsible for respecting the German Copyright Law (UrhG) and liable for misuse.

How long is my loan period?

The regular loan period is four weeks (28 days). Books with a yellow dot or a black [P] and journals can not be borrowed. DVDs and books with CD can be borrowed for 14 days.

Even if the library is closed, books and other library items can be returned to a drop-box near the library entrance.

Can I renew books online?

Yes, you can renew your books online via your library online account up to four times. You can also call us and ask for renewal or send an email.

If someone placed a hold on an item you borrowed, it has to be returned to the due date!

If you have any problems with renewal, please contact our staff, probably your library membership expired.

Where are the copiers in the library?

Employees and students find a copier on the ground floor and the second floor of the library Magdeburg.

In Stendal the printer/copier is next to the information desk.

Please note, that before you can copy or print you have to upload money on your account. Therefore use the terminal on the ground floor of the library or the one in the ZKI (Bldg. 5, 1st Floor, Room 1.16) in Magdeburg or the terminal in Building 2, 1st Floor in Stendal.

Guest users of our library in Magdeburg find a cash-operated copier on the second floor.

More information on copiers (in German).

What about printing?


On our copiers you can print from USB-Stick documents in the following formats: pdf, tif, jpeg

If you'd like to print text documents or other formats, please come to our desk, we will show you the right computers and assist you.


You can send print jobs from our library terminals (IGEL thin clients) and the Bookeye scanners to our printer and pay there with a copy card.



How do I add money to my print account?

Students in Magdeburg can add money to their print account in the University Library (Ground Floor) and the University Computer Centre (ZKI, Bldg. 5, 1. Floor, Room 1.16).

In Stendal you can top up your account in Bldg. 2, 1. Floor.

Log in with your University account user name and password.

May I request an item that is at the other branch to be couriered to my branch (inter branch loan)?

Yes, we offer inter-branch loan services. Contact the Library staff at your library and give them the book's title and name of the author. Please note, that this service might take a few days.

I received an email notice that the book I placed a hold on is ready. Where can I get it?

Please come to our reference desk. We will hold the book at the desk for a seven days for you to pick up.

I am trying to obtain a book that I know is in the Library's collection. Will the Library mail it to my home address?

No, the Library does not mail books to students. It is always sugggested that if you can, try and come to campus to use and/or checkout materials.

Especially to distance education students we recommend to use our electronic ressources. For them we also offer to prepare books for check out. Send us an email with the titles and information on when you want to pick them up.

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